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Kids Karate Camp 2009

Halloween Class 2009


2nd degree Black Belt
Dan Trompetta

"I am over fifty years old, have been a police officer for more than twenty- five years. I train with Sensei Suzuki and have for many years, the health benefits of this are outstanding, weight control and stress management to name a few. Plus the most important it’s just fun."

1st degree Black Belt
Bang To

"I have been learning Karate at Suzuki dojo for more than 4 years, and I still feel like learning a lot after each class. Taking Karate not only improves physical appearance, but also strengthens mental ability. I wouldn't say Karate is always fun. After all, pain is one of the learning processes. And there will be a smile on the face after each class."

1st degree Black Belt
John Ahearn

"Suzuki Dojo has been one of the best experiences for myself and my son. Our training has not only improved our health but our minds as well. Shihan Suzuki is a true teacher of karate and I would recommend his dojo to everyone young and old. He has not only taught my son karate, but also respect and discipline. He has taught me you are never to old to start something new. 'OSU' "

2nd degree Black Belt
Doug Zirkle

1st degree Black Belt
Mike Hartnett

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