"Karate Spirit," hosted by Suzuki Dojo, is a Kumite and Kata tournament held in the Spring and Fall. Children as young as three compete in the Kumite division, and women 75 years and older take part in the kata division. This is a tournament for all ages. Kumite involves full contact punches and kicks but extra precaution is taken to make sure that the fighters do not get injured. Protection gear is worn and the fighters are carefully matched with people who are of the same size and level. A tournament is a fantastic place to practice what is learned in the dojo, work on self defense, and helps one to grow as a karate practitioner. Karate masters in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey all bring their students to take part. "Karate Spirit" is not an open tournament but is by invitation only. Esteemed instructors from dojos will attend, ensuring that the tournament has a solid base of friendship, goodwill, and the spirit of karate.


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